Our Complete Range of Services We Offer

Computer & Laptop Repairs

Is your computer running slow? Do you constantly get error messages? Are you receiving pop-ups?

Our technicians can diagnose your computer problem and provide a range of options to get your computer working back to normal as fast as possible! Always understanding that money is precious, our technicians will discuss a range of options to work within your budget. Call us now to organise a technician to visit your home or office.

VHS to DVD Conversion

Do you need your old video’s converted? Are they sitting around your house because you cant play them anymore? Don’t waste anymore time because we can convert them for you onto a DVD and you will have all your favourite memories with you forever.

Tablet & Smart Phone Setup

Do you own an Ipad, Iphone or Android product and want to use it on the internet anywhere around the house or office? Our experienced technicians can set this up for you, so you can enjoy the freedom of being on your device anywhere and anytime with full internet access.

Virus and Spyware Removal

We are experts in Spyware and virus removal! Viruses and spyware can slow down your computer, pose threats to your data and information and even cause data loss, so before this all happens, give us a call to discuss the best options available.


Computer Upgrades & Rebuilds

We offer competitive prices on high quality new computers. All computers are custom built, meaning we can design a solution for you that meets your requirements and most importantly your budge! We also have laptops that again, you can choose according to your requirements. All Computers come with a 12 Month Warranty. Call us today to discuss your computer needs and budget and we will gladly give you a Free Quote.

Software & Hardware Installation

At IT&M Services we cater for all of your software and hardware need’s so if its on a Windows or MAC Platform we can fix it for you. Whether it’s an email software setup or a hardware fault we will get to it and make everything work so that you don’t have any worries.



If you have more than one computer and want to be able to share files, printers and internet between them, then we can help! Whether you have a desktop or laptop, Smartphone or Tablet, our technicians can set up a network in your home or office. With many great wireless technologies available, we can set up a safe and secure wireless network that suits your family or business’ needs.

TV and Set Top Box Setup & Tuning

You’ve finally got that amazing new TV you’ve been wanting, now all you’ll need is to have it tuned. You could try and do it yourself but with all the different features, options, and controls to sort out, isn’t it easier to get someone in to get it done right the first time? That’s where IT&M Services can help! You either know you need a set top box or you don’t know what a set top box is – either way, at IT&M Services we can advise you on set top box installation and make sure you have the best television set up for your needs.

General Troubleshooting

At IT&M Services we pride ourselves in our high quality, friendly service. Our patient, easy to understand technicians can help you set up new hardware, unpack and set up your computer, send emails, burn DVDs and learn all the shortcuts and tricks that make life that so much easier when working on a computer! So whether the problem is big or small we are here to help you fix it and make sure it stays the way.